"fucking idiot"

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her thoughts

she doenst want me to leave. yet she doesnt want to be anything more than what we are. wait… i dont even know what we are.





i’d kill to be able to wake up to this view

no words. this is my dream bedroom!

im sorry but this is just so amazing.. i’ll feel peace there..

can i please just have this room right here

oh man

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I hate myself for thinking you actually gave a shit about me


Okay no. Fucking no. You think your sandwich is cute with peanut butter and jelly hearts, fucker? Well you’ll change your mind once you put it together and try to eat it. First you’ll get a mouthful of just bread and disappointment, then when you take another bite your mouth will be assaulted by copious the amounts of sticky peanut butter and sugary jelly and there won’t be enough bread to save you from it. A sandwich like that is what failure tastes like. The pb and j may be shaped like hearts but there’s no love in that sandwich. It’s about balance. Life needs balance, and so does your fucking sandwich. You disgust me. Don’t talk to me until you know how to make a proper sandwich.

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kiss me like this please


fuck this

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i wanna be so close to someone that we can talk all night and never get tired

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So only home girl from frozen can turn up

There’s is nothing I don’t love about that sentence

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According to chemistry, alcohol IS a solution.


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